Best Delta 8 Brands 2022

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Top Brands To Buy Delta 8 Gummies From Online in 2022

A comprehensive guide to the Best Delta 8 Brands in 2022, because gummies are always near you online!

Locating the finest hemp-derived products, especially Delta 8 gummies can be tricky if you don’t know what to look for. Thankfully, 50 Shades of Green CBD expertise is here to help and provide exclusive 50 Shades of Green coupons for our sponsors! No matter if you’re seeking Delta 10 in Omaha or Delta 8 gummies in Texas, our best Delta 8 brands will direct you to the best Delta 8 gummies for sale.

Cannabis edibles have exploded in popularity due to gummies’ benefits for pain, sleep, and even anxiety. We even witnessed Minnesota Delta 9 edibles become available in retail stores thanks to progressive hemp legislation.

With this popularity, endless hemp brands, the best Delta 8 disposables, and even CBD gummies for sex arrived on the market. However, there are many factors when purchasing D8 Gummies – such as lab-testing, bulk Delta 8 gummy options, customer service, and even ingredients!

We’ve compiled a list of the top 3 Best Delta 8 Brands of 2022 to help industrial hemp consumers navigate the best delta 8 brands in 2022 for gummies, delta 8 disposables and more!

#1) Injoy Extracts – Best Delta 8 Gummies

best delta 8 gummies by Injoy Extracts

The top of our list for the Best Delta 8 Brands in 2022 is Injoy Extracts. A premier manufacturer, we find Injoy Extracts has the best delta 8 gummies due to their quality, service and limitless options.

Injoy Extracts offers competitive pricing on bulk Delta 8 gummies, often hosting consumer appreciation sales on top of these phenomenal Delta 8 prices. With a wide variety of Delta 8 THC products, they specialize in gummies ranging from vegan Delta 8 gummies to their 50mg Delta 8 gummy bears.

Injoy Extracts Delta 8 gummies are potent, making them one of the best Delta 8 gummies for anxiety in our opinion. Furthermore, Injoy constantly releases new cannabis gummy blends, such as Delta 8 with Delta 9 gummy blend or their THC-O gummy blends.

Product & Brand Features

Injoy Extracts focuses on quality and innovation. A pioneer in the Delta 8 gummy industry, they have the knowledge needed to continue creating groundbreaking cannabis gummies while providing excellent customer service.

Not limited to Delta 8 gummies, Injoy Extracts earns the best Delta 8 Brand 2022 for its sought-after products – including their THC-O distillate, HHC distillate and of course Delta 8 distillate near you, only a few clicks away!

Incredible Flavors

Injoy Extracts offers some of the most satisfactory flavored Delta 8 gummies we’ve ever tried. This premium Delta 8 brand is not only consistently releasing new flavors, but they are also tweaking current favorites with never-ending improvements for its bulk Delta 8 gummy assortment. Made with natural flavors, they offer satisfactory vegan Delta 8 gummies as well.

Superb Effects

Injoy Extracts D8 gummies offer superior effects due premium quality Delta 8 distillate and high-potency cannabis gummies they manufacture. One of their best-sellers is their delta 8 gummies 1000mg with flavors such as cotton candy and strawberry THC gummies. As people become more health conscious, companies like Injoy Extracts headline the hemp industry with their vegan delta 8 gummies.

For first-time consumers or those sensitive to cannabis gummies, including Delta 8 gummies and hemp-derived Delta 9 THC we suggest starting with their 25 mg THC gummies. These D8 gummies pack a total of 500mg Delta 8 per jar, which is ideal for new consumers. Reviews report starting with half of one 25mg delta 8 gummy for the first time since Injoy Extracts Delta 8 distillate is exceptionally clean and potent.

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Sales, Daily Deals & Rewards

Another factor landing Injoy Extracts at the top of our Best Delta 8 brands 2022 is their generous reward system and daily deals page with new items added…daily! Injoy Extracts rewards points, known as Smile Rewards, allow you to stack up and save on bulk Delta 8 gummies as well as the best delta 8 disposables.

Make sure to signup for their email newsletter, as you’ll receive a welcome discount as well as some of the best delta 8 gummy deals around. Between Injoy Extracts flash sales, the best Delta 8 gummies are insanely cheap for a limited time and their holiday sales consumers ensure the best prices. 

Prepare for their Delta 8 Halloween Sale 2022 – which we’ve heard will be rolling deals, delta 8 bundles and new product releases through Cyber Monday delta 8 deals will continue. Join their newsletter and their Smile Rewards point system to access the best delta 8 deals on gummies, tinctures and best delta 8 vape disposable on the market. Speaking of rolling deals, check out their Daily Deals page on Injoy Extracts for discounted Delta 8 gummies, vapes, THC-O acetate and more! The page is updated daily with new discounts, including their bulk delta 8 gummies which is another factor landing it #1 on 50 Shades of Green’s “Best of Delta 8 Brands in 2022” list.

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Updated, Modern & Easy to Use Website

When you’re looking for top-shelf D8 Gummies, 

Purchasing on the internet should be simple, otherwise more would choose to find delta 8 products near them locally. However, as the internet has grown more complex so have many websites.

Thankfully, Injoy Extracts website is maintained with updated software to ensure safety, security and user experience. Navigation and mobile optimization is a priority, making it easy to find any type of cannabis gummy, delta 8 disposable vape bundle deals and more. There’s also a search function in the menu for those who know exactly what they want. Customer service is exceptional for any troubles with placing orders.

Injoy Extracts Delta 8 Gummies: Pros & Cons

This manufacturer of the best delta 8 gummies 2022 consistently exceeds expectations. Are delta 8 gummies strong? If you choose Injoy Extracts they are! With vegan options, an array of flavors, and other products including the best THC-O gummies. We expect Injoy to keep a position as a Best Delta 8 Brands 2022, offering delta 8 gummies wholesale for those interested.



  • US-grown hemp-derived, natural ingredient
  • Diverse potency (75mg, 50mg delta 8 gummies, 25mg & more)
  • Natural flavors and fresh terpenes
  • Made in the USA
  • Exceptional potency with 6-8 hours of potent effects
  • Third-party laboratory testing with COAs
  • Farm Bill Compliant. 100% Hemp-derived Delta 8
  • Bulk Delta 8 Gummy options
  • Delta 8 bundles, Delta 8 cart bundles
  • Daily Deals, weekly sales & savings


  • If not signed up for the newsletter you miss some of the best delta 8 deals

#2) Good CBD – Best Vegan Delta 9 Gummies

best vegan delta 9 gummies by Good CBD

Good CBD has been in the CBD game for a long time, therefore they’ve secured a spot on our 50 shades of green Best Delta 8 Brands 2022 list due to their status as a leader in premiere CBD products. As Delta 8 distillate is made from CBD, they were early pioneers before shifting their focus towards cannabinoids rapidly gaining attention, specifically Delta 9 THC and HHC. Their vegan delta 9 gummies are the best by far which won this spot.

Good CBD Brand

Good CBD is a unique brand to make our top Delta 8 gummies 2022 list because they’ve veered in a new direction of THC gummies with remarkable success. Delta 9 vegan gummies produced by Good CBD are the best THC gummies and are legally compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill. 

Success, Innovation

Delta 9 gummies legal in Minnesota made headlines this summer as a progressive law expanded hemp THC product retail options. There have been peak interest in the question of are Delta 9 gummies legal in Texas as well as states like Florida after last year we saw failed state attempts to regulate Delta 8 THC products. Many of these suits were overthrown or granted a temporary injunction until the 2023 Farm Bill reviews hemp cannabinoids and more.

As Good CBD has been in the industry for some time, they were some of the first for the legal Delta 9 gummies popularity thanks to a dedication to innovation and experimenting to ensure the best products with maximum benefits. As Delta 8 gummies become regulated in certain places, hemp-derived Delta 9 gummies have come to save many consumers who seek the best delta 8 gummies for sleep and end up limited to THC-free options such as CBG and CBN gummies.

Distinguished Standards

We love the focus of the team at Good CBD on quality and consumer feedback! Dedicated to providing premium quality, with lab tests and strict practices during production, they manufacture quality THC gummies which are certainly the best vegan Delta 9 gummies available. For those seeking gummy bears CBD without the buzz, try their 20mg CBD gummy bears, a must-have for hemp consumers.

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Affordable and Diverse Products

Another fantastic feature of Good CBD is their price affordability on bulk Delta 9 gummies – but also the diverse amount of products they offer! We keep mentioning their vegan Delta 9 gummies simply because that’s how they landed on our most recent 50 Shades of Green “Best of 2022” list.

We noted they focus on providing not only essential vegan CBD gummies, CBG gummies and even CBN…but also our favorite cannabis gummies Delta 9 and HHC. HHC, or Hexahydrocannabinol, is a potent cannabinoid recently gaining its fame. Very similar in molecular structure to THC, HHC gummies provide a similar euphoria with a nice boost of energy. Good CBD also offers deals on HHC carts wholesale, the strongest HHC carts as well as HHC-O gummies. Next year, we expect to see HHC-O acetate increase in popularity in correlation with THC-O acetate which can be observed recently with a slight uptick of THCO distillate. 

Good CBD – Best Vegan Delta 9 Gummies

Although Good CBD has pivoted away from Delta 8 gummies, they did so to have room for expansion. Good CBD offers premiere CBD gummies, the best CBD for pets and a huge selection of lab-tested, beneficial cannabinoids such as CBG gummies, CBN – let’s not forget premium CBD! It’s important to note Good CBD goes beyond bulk delta 9 gummies as they are one of the few, reputable manufacturers we’ve seen with amazing, tasty HHC-O acetate gummies!



  • 2018 Farm Bill compliant

  • Made in the USA
  • Vegan THC gummies
  • Delta 9 CBD gummies have rave reviews
  • HHC-O acetate gummies & HHC carts for sale
  • 100mg Delta 9 Gummies OR 200mg gummies
  • Third-party laboratory testing for all products
  • Offer bulk Delta 9 gummies, CBG, HHC, CBD, CBN
  • Outstanding customer service & product knowledge
  • Affordable pricing & sales (national CBD Day, CBD Cyber Monday)


  • No longer selling delta 8 products, concentrating on unique, prime, THC gummies such as Delta 9, HHC and the classics.
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airopro cbd vape cartridges on injoy extracts

#3) Hemp Health – Top Retailer for AiroPro CBD Cartridges, AiroPro Vape Pen AND Best Delta 8 Gummies variety!

Hemp Health is a unique member for our Best Delta 8 Brands 2022 as they have broadened in a wide variety of THC gummies and become a top retailer for AiroPro CBD cartridges. Hemp Health also sells the beloved AiroPro Vape Pen (AiroSport, AiroPro) – including limited editions!

Product And Brand Features

Hemp Health stands apart because it flipped digital amid the lockdowns, quickly becoming a customer favorite for hemp products, delta 8 gummies, AiroPro CBD cartridges, vape pens and accessories.

Given their success with AiroPro vape pens in addition to their vast selection of vegan THC gummies and the 510-thread adapter (a necessity for avid AiroPro vape fans), swirled with bestselling CBD cream for pain 1000mg and a potent and extra-strength, best CBD infused pain cream 2500mg. Yes, 2500mg CBD per bottle infused in their pain cream makes it not only hydrating and refreshing, but it also melts away aches, pains and stress from daily life.

Budget-friendly Options

Hemp Health offers generous discounts (always sign up for a Delta 8 brand or hemp company’s newsletter) as well as blowout sales for national CBD day and those following their newsletter can often save on AiroPro CBD cartridges during these Black Friday, Cyber Monday THC gummies holiday frenzy.

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Potency & Flavor Varieties

Another important factor landing Hemp Health on the Best Delta 8 Brands in 2022 list is their massive variety of potent, tasty and healthy cannabis gummies, as well as CBD gummy bears with sour flavors, as well as traditional.

They lead this list in terms of CBD vape cartridges and vape batteries and accessories for Delta 8, CBD and THC. It’s also a one-stop shop, as you can easily find almost anything you are looking for. As with the others on this list, Hemp Health does offer some wholesale options such as discounted pricing on bulk CBD gummies.


Hemp Health Pros & Cons

Hemp Health is on our top Delta 8 gummies of 2022 list for a reason – they offer premium Delta 8 gummies but more significant is the AiroPro vape selection they offer. As we’ve covered on 50 Shades of Green before, AIRO has recently made impactful business moves. This recent success has them ramping up their brand image, awareness and selection of AiroPro CBD cartridges; as well as AiroPro Live Resin THC cartridges being sold in recreational states.


  • Variety of products
  • Vast selection of AiroPro products, including CBD cartridges
  • Made in the USA
  • Vegan cannabis gummy options, low-sugar
  • Third-party lab testing
  • 100% hemp-derived cannabinoids


  • Limited gummy options compared to Injoy Extracts and Good CBD.

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