Delta8 vs Delta 9: What’s The Difference?

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There’s a new cannabinoid player in town, and most don’t know everything about it… YET.
The interest in the delta-9 products will probably continue. As a general rule—for everyone’s health and safety—before we even dip our toes into this ‘legal’ THC variant, as some say, it’s vital that we do our research on it first. We, as consumers, should be able to identify what’s in it, what it is, and how it could affect our bodies. And how is the delta-8 different from the notorious delta-9 in every aspect? Good thing we’re here to mediate in the delta 8 vs delta 9 fiasco—time to dive deep and know the difference between delta 8 THC and delta 9 THC.

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First, what is THC?

We may only see the light at the end of the tunnel if we start from the very top. Before choosing between the Delta 8 vape and Delta 9 gummies, let’s inform ourselves first. The only way is getting to the root cause of it all—or, for this matter, the very source of it all. Both delta 8 vs delta 9 are cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis Sativa plant. Though the delta-9 is what’s more commonly known as THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, not just in the industry, but to most consumers right now, the delta-8 is also a THC, but of different pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics. THC is known for its psychoactive effects and is always compared to another major cannabinoid, the CBD, or cannabidiol.


Delta-8 vs Delta-9, the well-known THC is in their potency.

Yes, it’s easier to determine which is which when you know how they would affect our body. A study shows that the double-bonded isomer delta 8 THC is less potent than the delta 9 THC. They tested and compared the delta 8 vs delta 9 THC effects through oral and intravenous administration. In an in-vivo study, delta 8 was found to be over half as potent (50-66%) compared to delta 9. In short, expect euphoric calming effects from delta 8 but milder than delta 9 THC.

Delta 9 THC vs Delta 8 THC in terms of the molecular structure may be indistinguishable for most.

Since delta-8 THC is an isomer of delta-9 THC, they have a similar chemical formula. The difference in delta 8 THC vs delta 9 molecular structure is the location of a double bond between two carbons. Basically, delta 9 and 8 are named because of the location of the carbon atomsؙ. For the delta-9 THC, the double bond is on the ninth chain; for the delta-8 THC, the double bond is on the 8th chain.


The Role CBD Plays on The Rise of THC: Delta-8 vs Delta-9

The CBD following has grown exponentially in just a few years. And with the projection that the CBD market may value around USD 47.22 Billion by 2028, there’’ no wonder many cannabis enthusiasts and many hemp manufacturers are exploring the possibility of other cannabinoids. During the welcome of 2021, high demand for delta-8 products was already apparent. And by the end of the said year, a 65% growth in delta 8 product sales was observed. Whether it be because it’’ a better alternative than heavily regulated delta-9 THC or because of mere curiosity, as mentioned—the delta-8 may be the future of the hemp industry if not one of the core players.

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Is Delta-8 THC a viable competitor with Delta-9 THC?

Just like the CBD, delta-8 products for sale in the market right now promise to potentially give relief to the pain and anxiety of the consumers. Aside from these, as observed in a study with patients aged 3-13 years old as patients, the delta-8 may have antiemetic effects.

Like the delta-9 THC, the usual munchies may also be apparent in delta-9 THC gummies, oils, and vapes. The delta 8 can be more easily controlled to treat weight disorders potentially. According to the findings of a study, delta-8 affects the food consumption of mice. Low doses of delta-8 may help improve cognitive function and food intake significantly.

Delta 8 may provide much of the experiential benefits of Delta-9 THC but with lesser adverse effects.

Since potency and effects differ for delta 8 THC vs delta 9 THC, it’s highly likely that side effects also differ. According to VIIA Hemp, testimonials from new and loyal customers have reported far fewer side effects and less intensity of high from delta-8 as compared to delta-9.

However, since delta-8 is a relatively new ingredient being incorporated in consumer products, and to add, have only a little research on it that exist—it’s best to be always cautious. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid paranoia, mental fog, and other THC effects. Lastly, get updated with the regulations authorities have imposed around delta-8 products, especially on what you’re about to purchase.

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Regulations: Awareness of Delta 8 vs. Delta-9 notoriety

The 2018 Farm Bill is where it all started. Its passage led to the flourishing of the hemp and CBD industries we enjoy. As for delta-8 THC, nobody was involved in the legislation’s fruition of what delta-8 would become. Of course, the notoriety of delta-9 THC led to outright regulation of it—with 0.3% as its limit of quantitation (LOQ) in every hemp product sold.

So, if you’re asking: are delta-8 edibles are legal? Then the answer is yes. The Farm Bill perfectly covers this novel cannabinoid on the federal level. As for regulations at the state level, there is still a lot of research to do before purchasing delta-8 THC products.


FDA Regulations on Delta 8 state Delta 9 Edibles

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has always been strict with consumer products. Clear regulations should be in place for every hemp product sold on the market to protect consumer health and safety. The rise of delta-8 has attracted much attention and concern since it’s quite similar to delta-9. Additionally, the FDA released a comprehensive consumer update on delta 8 last year.


State-level legalities on THC Delta 8 vs 9 compounds

THC has proven to have long-term side effects. That’s why authorities have been stringent with their laws and regulations regarding cannabis use and retail. Delta-9 THC, the primary culprit in cannabis products, has been under scrutiny for the longest time. There are states which allow cannabis-derived products to contain delta-9 for recreational use. And some states do not.

Delta-8 is legal in over 30 states now, as long as the extract is derived from hemp. Connecticut, Michigan, and Nevada, for example, are just a few states that see no difference between delta-8 THC vs delta-9—delta-8 edibles are regulated like recreational cannabis. In the end, whether it be delta 9 vs delta 8 THC, it’s still best to check what the current regulations in your state are.

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Current Product Regulations on Delta-8 vs Delta-9

With delta-9 THC vs delta-8 THC’s leniency in product manufacturing and retail, delta-8 products are winning. The high demand for delta-8 edibles is met astonishingly by the hemp manufacturers—with no serious issues with the authorities. However, the delta-8 trend may not enjoy it for a long time. Since there were isolated cases that the delta-8 may have posed health risks to consumers, law enforcement has been on its tail for quite some time now.

One way to ensure your delta 8 and delta 9 THC gummies, or any hemp-derived products, are free from contaminants is to ensure that they are third-party lab-tested. Common consumer safety issues will be avoided if batches of delta 8 and delta 9 THC gummies are checked before any retail operations.

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Artificially Extracted Delta-8 vs Delta-9 Extraction from Various Methods

While CBD is extracted in high amounts from the hemp plant, THC is always of different levels. Delta 8 vs Delta 9, Delta 8 THC is quite special. These minor cannabinoids only exist naturally in small amounts in any hemp plant you encounter. Despite this, it’s quite astounding how the delta-8 market is spreading right now. Where do we get enough delta 8 extract for these trendy products?

Before the legalization of hemp-derived CBD, hemp cultivators used to be stuck with tons of CBD oils, not knowing what to do with it. To add, CBD used to cost a fortune when regulations weren’t yet existent. The discovery of tweaking cannabinoid profiles happening right now became a healing patch to this problem.

According to a published article on Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN), a lot of delta-8 products right now comprise delta-8-THC artificially extracted from CBD. To be specific, when CBD is refluxed in an organic solvent with another acid (used as a reducing agent), delta-8 is formed. During the 60 to 90 minutes, the rings on the CBD molecules close.


The Consumer Behavior on the Delta-8 vs Delta-9 THC

Consumers nowadays get easily swayed by what the product promises. Not everyone knows, but false advertisements and mislabeling of hemp products have become rampant. How does one understand the imperceptible truth beneath the sea of product advertising and marketing? To make things easy for you, VIIA Hemp has done the research and given you a glimpse of how it is in the market.

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Delta-8 vs Delta-9 THC: Affordability?

In areas where delta 9 products like delta 9 gummies and delta 9 tinctures are allowed for recreational use, some observe that delta 8 is much preferred. Ultimately, this may be because of the complexities in the extraction method of delta-8 extract. And to add, not all companies have the expertise to manufacture these products. Delta-8 has the demand, but the supply is still relatively limited. Delta-9 is pricey because of the radar authorities have put over its head. Regardless, it’s still cheaper than the delta-8 products on average.

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Edibles for Delta 8 vs Delta 9: Which is a favorite?

There was a staggering increase in the public interest online, as observed by researchers from the data obtained from Google query fractions (QFs). Specifically, the delta-8 THC searches increased by 257% from 2019 to 2020 and 705% from 2020 to 2021. Though this isn’t that significant when you compare it to the delta-9 public interest, it’s still quite astonishing. In a study from the Krugers, findings show that about two-thirds of the respondents (521 US Residents) prefer consuming delta-8 through edibles. For delta-9 THC, or simply THC to most, inhalation and smoking seem more preferred. But if we’re talking about hemp-derived Delta 9 only, edibles like gummies entice most people.


Delta 8 vs Delta 9 THC: Which is easily available?

Delta 8 products may become as ubiquitous as CBD in the future—hoping tightened law enforcement won’t happen soon. Delta 9 is available in some states only, as mentioned above. Since Delta 8 products easily surpass the loophole of federal hemp laws, it’s easier to find Delta 8 options for your routine.

More Research for delta-8 THC is needed to compete with delta-9 THC’s exhaustive list of research.

Since delta-8 THC has been discovered way before and has become the most studied cannabinoid, the authorities knew how to keep them from abuse and addiction usage of some consumers (i.e., strict laws on selling and consumption). For delta-8 and delta-8 products, it’s still a long way to go. Though anecdotal evidence and preliminary studies on the delta 8 effects are slowly piling up, we need more concrete and thorough research for authorities to base laws and regulations. Clarity will only be met if different sectors have the same goal for the consumers.

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Delta 8 vs Delta 9: What You Should Know by Now

To sum things up, there’s more to unravel behind the delta 8 vs delta 9 debate. Before deciding on purchasing any delta 8 edibles or delta 9 gummies, for example, to add to your routine, it pays to know what these two cannabinoids are offering to your health and wellness. Would they be great in alleviating some symptoms from health issues? Would they boost your performance to level up in your career? Lastly, would they be safe and effective enough to maintain your great health? For up-and-coming cannabinoids like delta 8, if reading the comprehensive information above is not enough, research more and get updated with its future regulations. In the end, it’s safety and personal health that we aim at top of what’s best from delta 8 vs delta 9 products!

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