Do CBD Infused Topicals Work?


CBD-Infused Skincare Benefits

As beauty brands roll out new product lines featuring compounds targeting blemishes, moisture balance, or the visible signs of aging, it’s natural to wonder if the latest “innovations” will solve your skin concerns. But when you’ve been disappointed by a long list of products that produce unpleasant side effects, you might question the ability of any combination of ingredients to improve your complexion. With each disappointing purchase and every failed experiment, your skepticism is likely to grow.


If your current skincare routine leaves your complexion looking or feeling less than its best, try not to get too discouraged. Before assuming your skin is too reactive for products made to fight excess oil, fine lines, or uneven texture, look at the ingredients listed for the products you use most often. Chances are you’ll find a rather complex blend of questionable chemicals and compounds. When you’re ready to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try again, consider how your complexion could benefit from a natural skincare line infused with one of the most compelling plant elements you’ll find: CBD.


Add Hemp-Derived CBD Skincare Products to Your Daily Routine 

People have been using hemp-derived CBD topicals for years. Although most of the evidence supporting topical use is based on lab results and a small number of clinical trials, you’re sure to find numerous reports from CBD users claiming favorable results while using CBD-infused topicals such as sports balms, lotions and salves for inflammation, stiffness, and discomfort after physical activity. As you dig a little deeper, you’ll also find an impressive number of reports detailing some of the cannabinoid’s many possible benefits for skin health and appearance.

Like any other CBD-infused product in your daily routine, the CBD in hemp-derived skincare products interacts with several molecular targets, including the receptors of the largest regulatory system in your body, your endocannabinoid system (ECS). But instead of interacting with the ECS receptors throughout your body and brain, topical application allows the cannabinoid to interact with the ECS receptors found on nearly every type of skin cell. That includes the receptors below the surface regulating inflammation, oil production, collagen synthesis, skin cell turnover, barrier function, and pigmentation.

how cbd infused topicals work for pain

Good CBD Infused Skincare Products 

At Good CBD, you’ll find an impressive assortment of CBD skincare products. If you’re looking for a nurturing, hydrating cream for your most basic skincare needs, consider trying CBD Cream for pain, a product featuring 2500mg of hemp-derived CBD. When you want plant-powered CBD infused skincare products featuring a range of botanicals selected to address specific skin concerns, consider browsing the CBD topicals at

Good CBD is a reputable CBD vendor, producing other hemp products such as Delta 9 THC gummies, HHC gummies, HHC cartridges and more. Additionally, they are an exclusive vendor of AiroPro products, such as AiroPro Battery, AiroSport Battery and Airo Pro cartridges. They carry our 50 Shades of Green CBD topicals, including high-strength CBD pain cream, Artic CBD Muscle roll on and Hemp Infused CBD lotion, perfect for daily needs.

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The Best Way to Work CBD Infused Topicals Your Skincare Routine 

Basic skincare needs are relatively simple. When you’re caring for your complexion with gentle, nurturing skincare products made with ingredients selected to help support healthy skin function, you don’t need a complex, time-consuming routine. You also don’t need to sacrifice results. If you’re intrigued by some of the many potential skin benefits of adopting a CBD-infused skincare routine but not quite sure where to start, consider getting back to basics with the following 50 Shades of Green CBD products.

King Louie OG Live Resin Gummies

Hemp Infused CBD Lotion

Apply a cream or lotion to help lock in essential moisture. Find lotion formulated for all skin types, lightweight, easily absorbed, and won’t clog your pores. As the 400mg of CBD in every bottle helps support ECS function, the sweet almond oil helps boost hydration while protecting your complexion from the potentially detrimental effects of free-radical damage. The aloe vera extract was added for its reported contributions for balancing skin pigmentation, intense hydration and cooling sensation. For best results, apply 50 Shades of Green CBD-infused daytime moisturizer while your skin is still damp from toning.

good cbd pain relief roll on

Hemp CBD Infused Roll-On, Article Muscle Relief

CBD pain relief has never been so easy and convenient. Good CBD Arctic Muscle is a fast-acting, CBD pain relief gel that comes with an easy-to-use roll-on applicator. The hemp roll-on applicator makes targeting all your aches and pains easy and messy-free.

The hemp roll-on travels in your gym bag, purse, school bag, car, or any place persistent muscle aches and pain are a problem.  Made in the USA, easy applicator and potent strength to provide the relief you need!

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CBD Pain Cream Extra-Strength

50 Shades of Green – 2500mg CBD pain cream, available at Good CBD, comes scented with natural rosemary and mint oil and infused with hemp-derived CBD.  Administer the active CBD compound directly to the site of discomfort. These two effective natural oils, paired with the healing properties of CBD, are the perfect blend for fending off pain and discomfort to sore muscles and joints.

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Good CBD also carries 50 Shades of Green CBD pain cream, available in 8oz bottles infused with 1000mg CBD to relieve your muscles and moisturize your delicate skin. This CBD pain cream comes scented with natural lemon and lime oil and infused with CBD isolate. Feel the healing power of CBD topicals today!

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Hemp-Derived CBD Topicals Work for You

Many skincare products are made with ingredients known to trigger blemish-provoking inflammation, compromise barrier function, or irritate sensitive complexions. If your current skincare routine leaves your complexion looking or feeling less than its best, maybe it’s time to simplify. When you’re ready to get back to basics with gentle yet effective plant-powered products infused with the many potential skin benefits of hemp-derived CBD, visit for CBD topicals, ranging from CBD pain cream, CBD muscle relief and CBD infused moisturizer.

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