Ohio’s medical cannabis program is asking lawmakers to regulate delta-8 THC

Credit: Hemp News
The agency overseeing Ohio’s medical cannabis program hopes to expand the state’s definition of THC to include delta-8 and other THC isomers, reports Hemp Grower. This would officially make delta-8 legal in the state for medical use – while greatly restricting its reach. Currently in a regulatory gray zone, delta-8 is sold in gas stations, liquor stores, and head shops.

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How Long Does CBD Last?

Credit: CBD School
If you’re about to make a step into the CBD world, you might be wondering how long does CBD last?

It definitely makes sense to want to know how long you can feel the effects of something for, before you buy it. CBD products aren’t exactly cheap either, so you want to make sure your investment is actually going to be worth it, right?

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bitcoin hodl attitude

Bitcoin HODLer Accumulation Is Increasing

Credit: Bitcoin Magazine
Many underestimate the power of open source software and its ability to enable incredible things. For decades open source software projects have struggled to monetize.
Many have done it successfully, but never without the need to get really creative or get bought out by a big corporation that was leveraging the software…

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bitcoin price news live 2022

Against The Inevitability Of Bitcoin

Credit: Bitcoin Magazine
Bitcoiners are optimists.

When Satoshi Nakamoto wrote and released the first code that began the Bitcoin experiment, it was an inherently optimistic act in response to the economic and monetary turbulence referenced in the genesis block.

Satoshi was a cypherpunk, a group that envisioned shaping a better future through deliberate technological innovation, particularly in regards to software…

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