How To Roll A Blunt With THCA

this is an article about rolling blunts with THCA Diamonds

While the market is flooded with innovative cannabis accessories, the classic pre-roll is one of the most cost-effective and enduring methods to consume cannabis. They’re not only compact, eliminating the need for cumbersome equipment like bongs, but they’re also beginner-friendly.

What You'll Need For Your THCA Blunt


  • Hemp Flower of your choice
  • 99.9% pure THCA crystals or diamonds
  • Grinder
  • Rolling Papers, Cigar Tube, or a pre-rolled hemp tube ( For this article, we used a Cyclone Hemp Cone that comes with a Dank 7 Tip already attached and a Tamping stick included.)
  • Tamping stick, pen, or another object to help pack the joint
  • Lighter
  • Filter/crutch/tip (optional)
  • Rolling Tray (optional)
learn how to roll blunts with THCA crystals

Why Should You Use a Filter?

A filter, sometimes called a tip or crutch, can either be crafted from a sturdy piece of paper (thick cardboard or a business card always does the trick) or purchased at specialty stores like head shops or tobacco outlets.

Filters for repeated use typically come in wood, silicone, glass, or ceramic. While including a filter when preparing a pre-roll is optional, doing so can significantly elevate the smoking experience.


Proper Air-Flow For Your THCA Blunt

Filters not only streamline airflow to make inhaling smoother, but they also reduce the intake of tar and carcinogens. They prevent unwanted residues or smaller particles from being inhaled, save your fingers from smelling smoke, and provide a solid base that stops the tip from becoming too moist with saliva.

Furthermore, a filter enhances the joint’s resilience and lets you enjoy most of it without the risk of burning your fingertips or using a roach clip. While crafting your filter is an option, many find it much more convenient to purchase ready-made ones attached to a rolling paper, like the one we will use for this article.

Prepare Your Cannabis Flower

Aim for a texture reminiscent of dried herbs, similar to oregano. While a grinder is the most effective way to achieve this consistency, breaking it down with your fingers or scissors is possible. However, a grinder ensures uniformity, contributing to a consistent burn.

this is the first step to rolling a THCA blunt, put your cannabis into a grinder

Mix Your THCA Crystals With Your Cannabis

For this step, we mix an entire gram of 99.9% pure THCA crystals into our cannabis. Make sure you incorporate the THCA crystal evenly throughout the cannabis flower so the strength of the pre-roll is consistent from when you light it to when you put it in your roach box for a rainy day. 

how to make a THCA blunt step number 3

Mix Well For Even Distribution!

another step in making THCA flower is mixing the flower and THCA

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Prep the Rolling Paper and Filter

This is an easy step for anyone using a pre-made hemp cone. Open the package, remove the tamping stick, and get ready to fill the hemp cone. 

get your blunt ready so you can roll your THCA blunt

Fill Your Blunt Wrap!

Start adding small amounts of your THCA flower mixture, being sure not to add too much at once; you don’t want to overload it. 

another step in the process of rolling a blunt with THCA crystals

NOTE: If Using a Cone Shaped Blunt Wrap.

For a cone-shaped joint, put less cannabis near the filter and gradually increase the amount as you move toward the opposite end.

adding your THCA canabis mix to your blunt is another step in the process of how to roll a blunt using THCA crystals

Gently Pack Your Blunt Wrap.

Use your tamping stick, pen, chopstick, or shoelace tip to press the cannabis toward the mouthpiece.

this is step number 8 in the process of rolling a THCA blunt

Last Step, Enjoy Your THCA Blunt!

Picture of a girl smoking a blunt



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Tips to Master Your THCA Joint Rolling


  • Starting with a prerolled hemp cone-like we did will always simplify the process. If you can’t find one, thicker paper, such as a hemp wrap, Zig-Zag, or King Palm, will make the rolling process less complicated. As you gain confidence, you can transition to thinner types. Similarly, begin with standard-sized papers rather than jumping straight to king-sized ones.
  • Patience is key. Periodically inspect your pre-roll during the rolling process. Is the THCA flower evenly distributed? Does the pre-roll appear satisfactory before sealing it? Regular checks can save you both time and resources.
  • When moistening the adhesive, if you’re not using pre-rolled hemp paper, there’s no need to drench it. A slight dampness is sufficient to seal your pre-roll and keep it from becoming too wet.
  • To avoid “canoeing” (where one side burns faster than the other), rotate the joint gradually as you ignite it.
  • Remember, practice is the pathway to proficiency. Becoming a skilled roller is a challenging achievement.
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