Cannaflower vs. CBG flower — know the difference!

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Introducing Cannaflower: The unique role played by Cannabigerol CBG is considered a precursor of various cannabinoids. CBG does not behave like other cannabinoid acids that break directly to CBD, CBN, and THC. The hemp plant is pivotal in the creation of CBD and THC as it uses CBGA (cannabigerolic acid) to synthesize other cannabinoid acids by decarboxylation or heating as it acts as a mother cannabinoid acid that breaks down both THCA (tetrahydrocannibinolic acid) and CBDA (cannabidiolic acid) which further transforms to THC and CBD. CBG extraction process involves high expenses as most hemp strains contain less than 1% of CBG. Falling in the realms of minor cannabinoid, this attributes to the scarcity of CBG products available in the market.

CannaflowerE284A2 Cherry Wine Bag scaled %sepshadesofgreen

What is Cannaflower?

Cannaflower is among the few well-cured hemp flower buds with CBG specific cannabis strains. Cannaflower provides full-spectrum CBD oils and tinctures containing CBG. Cannaflower CBG is third-party tested and contains less than 0.3 percent THC.

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What is the CBG flower?

CBG can be considered a minor but essential cannabinoid. It contains low levels of THC and like CBD flower it is non-intoxicating. The safety of ingesting through smoking and vaping is considered highly safe. CBG flowers are used in the same way as CBD flowers. The cultivation of CBG demands care and growers need to handle the flower delicately to preserve their potency. CBG occurs in the resin glands within the mature female hemp plants called trichomes. The extracts of the flower are useful for making oil and tinctures.

What are the benefits of Cannaflower?

White CBG is a popular strain by Cannaflower. This is a hybrid strain induced with extra energy from Sativa that allows you to remain relaxed focused and calm. The CBG rich strain comes in low to medium potency. The processing of this strain makes it acquire its fast-acting effects which are drawn from the tightly structured buds. The effects are sort lives and are shorn of any flavors or aromatic experience; however, some have experienced a light aromatic essence from this product. The packages are furnished with full information. The effects that the ingredients leave behind are visual clarity with cerebral relief that helps you to stay focused. It clears brain fog and adds clarity to thoughts when ingested in the daytime. However, as a sleep inducer, it fails. The cultivation process largely influences the quality of the CBG strain. The soil quality is organic and the seed is planted with care and precision. The buds are dried slowly with hand trimming ensuring their tightness for a neat presentation. It is an ideal daytime CBG flower smoke that boosts the brain without any psychoactive effects.

What is the benefit of a normal CBG flower?

CBG is known as a minor cannabinoid with amplified potentials that add to natural health benefits creating its value in medicinal research. However, in medicinal research THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) show their natural health advantages. CBDa is an acid form found in the original molecule cannabinoids that transform to THCa and CBDa( the unprocessed THC and CBD). Upon drying and heating, the transformation of THCa, CBDa, and CBGa take place to THC, CBD, and CBG post a chemical reaction called decarboxylation that eliminates the cannabinoid molecules of carboxylic acids. CBG helps you focus, develop a healthy appetite, eases stress, improves eye health, decreases inflammation, promotes a healthy metabolism, and creates a feeling of comfort.


CBG does not awaken any psychoactive effects experienced after THC. In fact, it is a counter psychotic compound. The use of BCBG is being highly preferred over THC and owing to its origin from the hemp crop and less than 0.3% potency of THC, CBG benefits are huge. Mostly available in oil, ensure that you trust a reliable source. is a marketplace that you can trust for purchasing your CBG products.

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