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Delta-8 THC, the rising star in the cannabis extract industry that was recently and unexpectedly deemed illegal in Texas, is temporarily legal again!

State district court Judge Jan Soifer on Monday granted a transient injunction against the state to protect against the notion promoting or obtaining Delta 8 is not a felony offense in Texas. It got here as many local CBD dispensaries based throughout Texas, requested the judge block the state from record Delta 8 as a Schedule I drug, which effectively made it illegal; in contrast to the 2018 Farm Bill which legalized hemp-derived products under the legal limit of 0.3% THC.

The Farm Bill provided benefits for consumers and businesses alike as the research into the health benefits of CBD continues to expand.

The lawsuits argued an injunction was necessary and warranted, because the Texas Department of State Health Services’ Oct. 15 online notice did not properly notify retailers. DSHS classifying Delta 8 products as a Schedule I drug in this method, was deemed unlawful by a judge specifying DSHS did not comply with the state’s rule-making requirements.

2022 Hemp Laws

This coming year may be proving more issues for the hemp industry.  Now, states are challenging Delta 8 and other hemp-derivatives, especially in recreational states. This is leading to the emergence of new cannabinoids like HHC and THC-O, alongside HHC-O Acetate.  These modified isomers are proving an outlet for those worried about the fate of Delta 8.  Federally Compliant Delta 9 THC is another option consumers are flocking to. It provides that dispensary feel without the negative effects from cannabis derived THC.

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